Literary Happy Hour

Literary Happy Hour is a reading and performance series curated by Cultural Activist Hanifa Nayo Washington, that creates a radically inclusive performance space and creative community, giving rise to healing, liberation, deepening of self and genuine community building.

The event provides a platform for New Haven writers to present their work, build a local following, and form a supportive, collaborative writing community. Uniting the strongest writers from disconnected corners of the New Haven community – including creative writing students, open mic performers, and independent writers – Literary Happy Hour emphasizes writers of color and other writers belonging to marginalized groups.

Each event focuses on a different theme and features 3 artists, whose performances are followed by an open mic. ArtEcon sponsors 4 events annually at Kehler Liddell Gallery (873 Whalley Ave), in October, January, May and August.

2018/2019 Schedule

  • Saturday, October 13th @ 5pm

  • Friday, January 18th, @ 5:30pm

  • Saturday, May 11th @ 5pm

  • Friday, August 23rd @ 5:30pm

If you are interested in being considered as a featured artist for one of the events, or signing up for the open mic, please email Hanifa: 

HANIFA NAYO WASHINGTON is a cultural activist who views her creativity as radical medicine for the heart and uses it as a tool for liberation, healing, and community building. Hanifa has been the curator for Literary Happy since 2016. Learn more at